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As of 27 March, the Blu-ray edition had already sold more thanunits and was breaking records for the greatest number of high-definition copies sold in one day, said SPHE Worldwide President, David Bishop. Additionally, the Casino Royale Blu-ray disc outsold its nearest competition, Foxwooods casino concerts Departedby 9-to For a film with such a broad, overreaching scope, Royale loses very little on the small screen. Earning high points for video and audio, the film is let down mostly in the extras category. Accompanying the two-disc special edition of Casino Royale is a page mini-book version of Bond on Set: The plot, involving terrorists, a money-laundering maniac who literally weeps blood, and a decisive game of…poker it was baccarat in the book can be quite knotty at times. The region 1 release date is scheduled for Tuesday, 13 March with the region 2 release date on Monday, 19 March.

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Reviewed by Glenn Erickson Almost six years to the day, MGM has reissued Casino Royale, the original spoof that turns the spy. Unfortunately, deep flaws in the conception and execution of Casino Royale keep it from being one of the great works of the Bond filmography. A DVD review by Glenn Erickson (DVD Savant) of the film Casino Royale.